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Bluetooth Service Connector
« on: August 28, 2012, 10:42:38 AM »
A small soft I found, while searching for a windows 7 library management tool, that might help with bluetooth connection issues. I haven't tested it yet. You can comment on the author's website if you have any questions.
And by the way the windows library tool created by the same guy rocks :-)

Zorn Software Blog Archive Bluetooth Service Connector - Simplicity is the Essence of Good Design

Bluetooth is still a relatively new technology when it comes to Windows. Although Windows 7 now has a reasonably decent bluetooth stack baked-in, itís certainly not bug-free. It is not straightforward to control connection of bluetooth services, such as AudioSink, HeadSet, RemoteControl etc. And depending on how Ďdumbí your bluetooth device is, your only option to get it connected to Windows in some cases (e.g. your device was last connected to a different host, such as your phone) is to completely uninstall and re-discover the device, as discussed on this thread. Weeeak.
Iíve written a small utility that may help with issue (it works for me, but Iíve only tested on my own bluetooth headphones Ė Sony DR-BT50). It works in conjunction with another utility I recently posted (that allows a program to set the default audio device), and provides control over connecting / disconnecting the available bluetooth services for all your paired bluetooth devices in Windows. It also provides a shortcut specifically for bluetooth audio devices which automates the process of getting a frustratingly silent pair of headphones / speaker to spring into life with a single click.